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long-term counselling

Complete our online self-referral form to access our long-term counselling service.

quick access counselling

Our brief online and phone counselling service, offers up to 3 sessions. Sessions are usually available within 2 weeks.

Counselling for Social Change offers an accepting and confidential space to discuss any issues currently affecting your life and work. We work in a supportive and empathic way to help you through life’s challenges. We:

Our services include online, phone and face-to-face support.

We Aim:

  • to be non-judgemental

  • to empower our clients

  • to treat everyone as individuals

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Women’s Counselling Group

Women’s Therapy Group Counselling for Social Change is now running an online women’s therapy group. The intention for the group

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Quick Access Counselling

quick access counselling Counselling for Social Change is now offering a ‘quick access counselling’ service through our low-cost counselling service. 

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