Counselling for Social Change provides emotional support to people working to make a difference.  Whether you're an activist, campaigner, carer or relief worker we are here to provide a safe space to discuss any issues that may be impacting on your life and work.

Thanks to some generous supporters, we are currently able to offer phone-counselling free to activists.

Our counsellors and trustees have a real understanding of the issues surrounding activism, care work and campaigning.  We've been involved with a range of organisations and campaigns including Climate Camp, Occupy, Friends of the Earth, the Network for Police Monitoring, Palestinian human rights groups, The Transition Network, the Cooperative Movement and many more.

Activists are very good at fighting for others, often to the point of forgetting our own health.  Counselling for Social Change has been established to provide time and space for self-care.

There is some information on 'Counselling for Activists' here.