Quick Access Counselling is a chance to focus on your most pressing worry, challenge or concern. Our aim is for you to leave the session with some ideas to try out, or having come to a better understanding of the situation.

Attending a QAC session doesn’t prevent you from accessing on-going counselling and this can be discussed during your session.


People choose QAC for different reasons. The sessions can help you gain clarity on a particular issue. Many people will come back for further sessions (you may have up to three QAC sessions in a 3-month period), however many are happy with just one session. Either outcome is okay. QAC sessions are usually available within less than 2 weeks and are aimed at making sure you can have that first session as soon as you need it.

book your QAC session

Our service is charged on a sliding scale depending on your circumstances:

  • £12 for people on means-tested benefits and with an income up to £12,000
  • £18 if your income is between £12,001 and £18,000
  • £24 if your income is between £18,001 and £33,000
  • £40 if your income is over £33,000

You will be asked to confirm your income after you have booked your session. (we may ask you to provide proof of benefits for lower cost sessions).

You can book either phone or online sessions:

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