Counselling for Social Change was created in 2012 with the mission of providing affordable counselling and trauma-informed emotional support. We want to help transform lives and empower communities.

Our vision is of a world in which emotional health needs are met through interpersonal exploration and community-led social change. We work towards a future in which emotional needs are recognised as responses to personal, cultural and institutional experiences and supported appropriately.

We are determined to provide a nurturing environment to our clients and our counsellors. We take an intersectional approach to challenging all forms of discrimination.

 Our service is focussed on delivering person-centred, integrative and pluralistic counselling.

our trustees

Lucy Allen

Lucy is an integrative counsellor. Her approach includes person-centred, mindfulness, experiential and psychodynamic interventions. Lucy started with C4SC as a trainee therapist before offering her time as a trustee. As well as being a therapist, Lucy as many years of experience in marketing and campaign management.

Alison Harmer

Ali started volunteering with C4SC as a counsellor-in-training and continued this work post-qualification prior to becoming a Trustee. Part of her work was with people who have experienced varying personal/ emotional concerns as well as providing counselling to people involved in a range of campaigns. Ali believes everyone should be able to access counselling which is a reason for her continuing role with C4SC. Ali has a background in management having worked in the NHS for many years.

Frea Lockley

Frea is a journalist and writer. She joined Counselling for Social Change as she is passionate about ensuring low cost counselling is available to people on low incomes. She brings a wealth of experience as a campaigner and organiser.

Bee Sheldon-Howkins

Bee volunteered as a counsellor with C4SC from 2013 until 2017 before becoming a trustee. She now works as a mental health nurse in the NHS and is interested in trying to do this in as trauma informed and person centred a way as possible. Bee has overcome her own struggles with emotional well-being, bringing a valuable lived experience perspective to the table.

management team

Clayton Elliott - Manager & Senior Counsellor

As well as being one of the founders of C4SC, Clayton is our manager and senior counsellor. He has been a counsellor for over 10 years and has worked with people with a wide range of emotional/personal issues (anxiety, depression, abuse etc). As well as working with C4SC he works in private practice. Clayton has been involved in social justice and environmental campaigning and has provided counselling support to people from a wide range of campaigns (e.g. BLM, environmental, LGBTQIA+ campaigners, human rights campaigners and more). He has been the Finance Director for numerous community-owned companies across Cornwall.

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