Counselling for Social Change (CSC) is a charity offering short and long-term counselling. We are working with Campaign Bootcamp to provide emotional support to people attending their workshops.  These sessions are an opportunity to talk through any difficulties that might arise during the Bootcamp.

CSC is independent from Campaign Bootcamp and everything you say will be held in confidence by the counsellor.

You can book the sessions using the diary below.  Sessions run for around 50 minutes and you can book up to 2 sessions (one during the bootcamp and a follow-up session a week or so after).  Sessions will be held over the phone.

Our counsellors: We have two counsellors available this week.  Julie and Jason are both fully qualified counsellors.  They have worked with numerous activists and campaigners as well as issues including addiction, rape and abuse, anxiety and much more.

About Us:  Counselling for Social Change has been providing low-cost counselling for people across Cornwall (and the UK) since 2012.  Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have provided 1000s of hours of counselling in that time.
Counselling for Social Change is built on the belief that counselling and emotional support should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We also believe that support should be available for as long as required, that the number of sessions available should be determined by need and nothing else.
If you are able to support our work either with a one-off donation or regular Direct Debits, please click here.