Crowdfunding Project Update

We’re nearly there.  With nine days left, we’ve reached 66% of our target.  Our Shepherd’s Hut is on site, the field has been topped and we are preparing for a weekend of painting and sanding.  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, supported and shared the link to our campaign.  We've been overwhelmed and immensely touched by the support we’ve received.

 Whether it is the impact of spy cops, police brutality, arrests, harassment, malicious prosecutions, or simply the enormity of the changes we are trying to make, activist mental health can be fraught and vulnerable.

 Through my own experience of PTSD, I know how hard it is to get proper to support – to find someone who is not only empathic, but has a real understanding of the issues involved.

 One of the fantastic things about this crowdfunding campaign is that it has been a real opportunity to continue the debate and raise the awareness of activist mental health.  It has also been a great way of raising awareness of the project and what we’re trying to achieve.

 We need one final push to reach our total and ensure we’re able to get our retreats up and running as soon as possible.  Please continue sharing, donating and promoting what we’re doing, and help build our own support structures to ensure these serious needs and issues are addressed.