quick access counselling

Counselling for Social Change is now offering a ‘quick access counselling’ service through our low-cost counselling service. 

What is Quick Access Counselling (QAC)?

QAC is brief client-focussed counselling. We offer up to 3 sessions online and on the phone. The focus of the session is on your main concern, challenge or difficulty, and what you want to achieve. Our aim is for you to leave the sessions with some ideas or strategies to try out. These sessions are usually available within a week

Attending QAC doesn’t preclude you from accessing our other services, such as our long-term counselling. This may be something that you discuss during the session.

Why should I choose QAC?

QAC can help to make sure you’re getting the most of your first, and sometimes only, session. QAC is collaborative and responsive; with a focus on your key concerns and goals, with you and your counsellor working together on strategies for change.

What issues can QAC address?

QAC can be used for a wide range of issues. This includes helping people improve their relationships, and find ways to manage emotions, grief and loss, mental health issues, anxiety, life changes and more.

What happens during an QAC?

Before you attend a session, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire to help your counsellor find out more about your main concerns and goals for the session. We will focus your time on a single concern and help you work towards a solution or way forward.

At the end of the session you and your counsellor may discuss options for further support.

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