The Future of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Some of our team are heading up to this years Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy conference on Sunday 2 December.  It looks like a great event.

"There is a major crisis facing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK. We know many of you have been affected by the decimation of primary care counselling, by the destruction of NHS psychotherapy departments, by the growth of the scandalously insufficient IAPT project, by the unwarranted dominance of CBT across the field, all buttressed by the so-called ¬Ďscientifically¬í derived guidelines produced by NICE.

If current trends continue, with relational therapies being widely cut or decommissioned in favour of a quick fix 'payment by results' culture, there could eventually be no psychotherapy or counselling provision in the public sector; the voluntary sector could soon face the same fate, and this will all inevitably spill over into private practice as well.

The programme and more information are here.